The Seven Deadly Sins In Video Production

Making rose petals fly
Making rose petals fly

We, at Linja, work daily with design tasks related to Industrial Internet. We also make videos. When you combine these two areas, together come the traditional industries and the new ways to communicate. Now, there’s a field of opportunities. Having watched a lot of corporate videos lately and having had the opportunity to make some also, I’ve noticed that certain features pop up repeatedly. Video enables a whole new way to get your message through. However, turning still information into video format requires some rethinking. 300 hours of video is uploaded to YouTube every minute, so it’s important to make your minutes worth watching. Hence, I came up with a list of things not-to-do to help you avoid the pitfalls.

Seven Deadly Sins in Video Production:

  1. All eggs in one basket (Boss’s speech, company presentation, latest products, team spirit pep talk and a marketing message, ok?) No plot whatsoever..
  2. Over a minute… huooh… when does this end? (Attention span of today’s peeps is short, very short)
  3. Poor quality (Naah, my eyes hurt, won’t watch)
  4. Fancy pants (Too much trying, too much selling, too much everything that everybody has already seen. Keep it real.)
  5. ”Yes, let’s make a video, but we’re not going to put to YouTube or anything” (If you’re not telling anybody, who can you blame if nobody has seen it then? Sharing is essential, make your sharing strategy ahead.)
  6. Put all that text on the screen, this is cheap to do, right? I can record the voice-overs on my phone! (Powerpoint-show on video format and other clever ways to save in video production)
  7. Let’s go shoot something! Going shooting without enough preparation (Script, roles, location, costumes, filming techniques, cameras and other equipment, even the entire message of the video). Shooting just something. Anything can be fixed in the post…

Yes, we have seen all of the above and even made them ourselves. But, that’s the best way to learn. What do you think?

Here’s one of the nicest projects we’ve done lately, have a look and comment on this too: