lokakuu 4, 2013 // Ville Pohjola

You have seen Jolla. Some are already waiting it also. Eagerly.

Jolla has been lately launching interesting features about the forthcoming device. Android application compatibility etc.

“The Other Half” is also something interesting. Many companies and individual designers have been talking about deeper personalisation, as Marja also stated in her blog article. Applications, wallpapers and ringtones are already here, we need something more in the field of personalisation.

Jolla introduced “The Other Half” already some time ago, but there has now been some hazzle about that feature lately in Finland. Jolla’s sales director Mikko Pyykkö was introducing Jolla at Finnish radio station Radio Rock. Fortunately the radio is nowadays one of the multichannel medias so they have some video about the inteview also. Unfortunately in Finnish, but anyway. Here it is.

Anyway, I just started to wonder -As the interviewer also- what is actually the benefit of exchangeable cover bringing some new features? If you get for example all Angry Bird games to your device only by changing the back cover, is that a real user benefit?

Does it bring a totally new device to the user or is it just another sales-boosting “Widget Without Value”? How far the fun factor lasts?

What you think?