joulukuu 5, 2012 // Steffen Halme

It’s not too late to talk about new members of the Linja Design team, namely:


Marja Ojala

Marja started as a trainee at Linja in August this year and we recruited her in September. Since then she has been very productive including planning and executing the re-launch of our web-presence. This blog would not be as it is, where it is, as of her. Thanks Marja for your great attitude!

Marja in 3 bullet points:

  • Bachelor and soon Master of industrial design
  • 3D specialist
  • Cultural observer by traveling and cooking


Sanna Seiko Salo

Between our first interview and the signature of the contract @ Linja as a UX Design Expert Sanna got married and signed with a brand new surname. With her team lead background she took important events like the linjaCOM

Sanna in 3 bullet points:

  • Master of Science, Usability/Computer Sciences
  • Principal Designer, Media Experience, Nokia
  • Group Fitness Instructor bodypump-combat-jam-step-attack-shbam

I’m looking forward for more great work experience. Therefore I can assure our clients that they are in best hands with a talented team like Linja’s.