marraskuu 18, 2013 // Ville Pohjola

Our dear client, Ponsse, has gathered lot of attention with their newest forest machine. Ponsse Scorpion has also gathered recognition about its innovative solutions what comes to mechanics and automation. Totally new type of crane solution with three part frame makes this machine unique. As part of this Ponsse flagship machine there is naturally also hi-tech PC equipped with smooth user experience designed by Linja. We are proud about the co-operation with such an innovative company like Ponsse.

Now it is possible to see Ponsse Scorpion also at Helsinki centre. Ponsse brings forest and the king of it to the city. Possibility to see Scorpion and get some coffee cooked traditionally at fire place is offered at Paasikivenaukio. Time is Wednesday 20th of November 10:00-12:30 o’clock.

It seems to be that Scorpions like our capital because there are some visiting there often!

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