maaliskuu 4, 2013 // Steffen Halme


… wait, isn’t R&D all about NDA’s? Keeping it secret til the final moment and then !TADAA! … here is our newest and greatest baby (product/service) go ahead and love it!

If it would be done  strictly the R&D way, it would be truly unknown, unseen until the very moment you drag off the curtain. Don’t be surprised if there might be no one joining you and your excellent R&D team to celebrate this launch.

How would it be if the development would be a shared process? A blog would keep up with the latest steps. An interested audience would start commenting. The expectations would rise constantly. This is how the generation of the Minimal Viable Product is doing it today.

I believe that there is a way toward better products and services through more transparency and commitment. And to everyone who is afraid of letting out the groundbreaking concept too early: It might break when it hits the ground. Instead of the great idea as the center of R&D, I see the team and the process in the center to really innovate.

Challenge me on my opinion!