marraskuu 22, 2012 // Ville Pohjola


There was made history today, in many aspects. Nokia brought Lumia 920 to the shops in Finland and  there was also some hazzle about the phenomenon called Jolla at the Slush 2012 happening. Linja arranged also its first LinjaCOM breakfast seminar. The biggest announcement was that Linja is now a Preferred Design Partner to Microsoft. There are now four design partners in Finland and we are part of that group. November 22th is truly a historical day.

LinjaCOM Breakfast had a really topical special theme, which naturally was the mobility. Seminars guest speaker, MarketVisio’s Consulting Director Samuli Savo presented some research results from Gartner regarding the UX and mobility. The key message was that the mobility is here, and the UX is the key element in succeeding with it.


There was also discussed whether the part of WOW factor in tablet device user experience is actually the mobility itself. The conclusion was that yes, and it would be nice if the future would bring in even more seamless experience without unnecessary borders different devices and ecosystems are causing. Gartner had quite much good material about this. There was also interesting discussion about the mobility in shower. Hmm…?

All the approximately 40 guests and Linja own personnel were actively raising interesting questions around Samuli’s presentation. The atmospheres was really comfortable and open so the breakfast was very fruitful!

As a summary: Mobility was moving good amount of guests and Linja wants to thank everyone participated. We all are eagerly waiting for the next LinjaCOM breakfast!