joulukuu 4, 2012 // Steffen Halme

Sometimes it is great if stereotypes get 100% approval. Ursus Wehrli is perhaps this fulfillment of a sorted Swiss man.

His passion to sort the things around him has led him to a own art movement he calls “Kunst Aufräumen”  (tidying up Art)

Check his website  and if you are captured by his view on the world listen to his TED talk.

Let me try to steer this blog post now towards information architecture. I think there are some takeaways from the way that Wehrli breaks down either great pieces of art or real world environments.

What is the fascination of the Egon Schiele drawing? It looks like it is done with a single stroke. Ursus breaks it down to a loop of yarn.


The bases of the pointillism of George Seurat are dots. If you free them from canvas they might end up as color grain in a plastic bag.


The purest act of reverse engineering is the 5 cans of paint “extracted” from a Jackson Pollock painting.


Ursus Wehrli demonstrates a quite nice analytic way to simplification. The effect of humoristic interpretation amplifies the original source of information and makes it more memorable. For all Linja Designers: We have a tidying up art application on the iPad if you want to get into sorting.