toukokuu 3, 2013 // Steffen Halme

Form now on, I’m trying to have a monthly blog post about iconography under this label.

Today I would like to start with a nice challenge I met creating the icon set for Nokia Map/HERE.

Iconography is no handicap

A main category icon set for a map application usually contains most of the global understood metaphors, amongst them the wheelchair for handicapped. My first thought was: No way, it’s not possible to change anything on this metaphor. The world has accepted it like this and who am I to teach something else.


If I shouldn’t change it, then I should perhaps find a way to improve the existing one. In the case of the wheelchair icon I found the arm position. Most of the icons signalizing:Help me, I’m handicapped! … an attitude that many handicapped people try to overcome.

With a repositioning of the arm this icon doesn’t change radically, but suddenly the wheeler get independent and the appearance changes!


Hope to get some feedback from men and women on wheels!