UX Trends In Cross Platform Designing

September 14, 2015 // Steffen Halme

Quote Angelos Arnis:

A few weeks ago I sent an open application to Linja, part of my job hunting since I have moved to HKI from JKL. I was asked by the Linja team to join them in an intriguing discussion about design.

It was indeed intriguing because I could choose the topic, and I could do a small research, talk about what I am passionate about, meet new people, share notes and have a nice discussion (and coffee). It was not an interview, neither a presentation. It was a friendly discussion between like minded folk sharing their expertise.

After my research I have made an article with my findings. This sparked a vivid discussion with the Linja team, with many great ideas and arguments for and against certain UX trends. I also decided to share it publicly, hoping to spark a discussion on the internet as well. I got overwhelmed with the visibility it had. It got recommended by almost 200 designers, and read by more than 2000 people. It was also asked to be featured in a publication with articles about User Experience.

Find Angelos article right here: UX trends in cross platform designing and let us know what are your observations!