UX Fold-Able Bike

Now that I most likely I found my “perfect” bike I’d like to share the circumstances.

It all started when my beloved 20-year-old Gudereit a German racing bike got stolen. My first intention was to replace it with a similar bike. It seemed obvious because I loved what I lost, an easy going, noiseless working bicycle with a unique look (some would have called it ugly)

Thanks to Risto, a true bike enthusiast I changed my mind. He listened to my story and then asked the right questions.

No, I’m not biking every day.

No, I’m not doing cycling as a sport.

No, I’m not on my bike when the weather is bad.

So why do you need a bike like THIS, he questioned pointing at the beautiful Pelago Sibbo 28 gear racing bike in gorgeous black that I had grabbed at first when I entered Papa’s Bike shop. It was very clear that I needed to change my bike behavior if I want to justify spending a significant amount of money.

The game changing case was my daily commuting from Kerava to Helsinki and back. It is forbidden to take bikes on the train in rush hours, the time I need to travel. What if a fold-able bike would allow me to ride to the railway station from home  (less then 1km) take the bike on the train and ride from station to the office (around 2,5km) or to client premises in Pitäjänmäki (around 4,5km)

Now I’m a proud owner of a red Brompton bike with an Ortlieb bag that carries all the supply I need to move between office home and client premises. The folding and unfolding takes about half a minute. The biking feels like riding a “normal sized” bike. The 3 gears carry me up and down every topology that greater Helsinki area has to offer. And the best thing is, that I finally got the bike as a birthday present! Thanks for that!

The only drawback that I experienced until now is the fact that you have to get used to take the bike with you literally everywhere. There is no lock that I would trust. It’s not an issue if you have it next to your desk in the office but it get’s more uncomfortable if you carry it into any shop you need to stop by or discuss with restaurant owners where to store the foldable while dining. Things I (and restaurant personal) have to get used to.


From now on my rule is: If you have a bike with you, you ride it!