Stammtisch Vierpunktnull

A meetup initiative from my dear wife Anu Halme

Yesterday we celebrated the pilot meeting of our German-speaking Tech & Design group at Linja office Helsinki. With the support from we got all in all 13 people together. That was a nice surprise!

The purpose of the group is, to gather German-speaking folks with a Tech and/Design background around a table and exchange work-life experiences. What drives German industry? What is hot in Design? And what’s the professional jargon used in Berlin, München, Hamburg., Vienna or Zürich.

Our keynote speaker was Stefan Biabiany, a design veteran I met back in the good old Nokia days. Today he is working for a small company with the inviting name “Apps with love” located in Bern-Switzerland.

His topic was the work culture and it’s broader impact, a perfect discussion opener. It was great to see how the industry is placing the wellbeing of employees prior to the profit or even customer.

At the end of the meeting we had a little exercise for every one to translate words of your daily routines into German, words like framework, open source, cloud, data safety and last but not least public viewing (EM-2016 related)

It was surprising that the term “public viewing” that is used everywhere in Germany for gathering around large screens and watch the soccer EM together, has a drastically different meaning in the US for example. Public viewing is used for exhibiting the dead for relatives or in case of presidents and the pope, for public.

Rudelgucken was the most common translation that we found yesterday.

Meet us in meetup and send me comments about your experience of managing your work-life in a foreign language.

Thank to my company Linja for a truly bi-lingual work culture and having sponsored the event with chocolate, fresh peas and soft drinks!