An ART PROJECT, an ADVERTISEMENT AGENCY  and a MUSEUM are showing how direct collaboration with users can work today. Wiesbaden, the capital city of Hessen in Germany received the title of the most bike-UNfreindly town in the country. Not nice, but it triggered a project called Radwende. (www.radwende.de – only in German)


How does it work?

  1. You download a GPS tracker to your smart phone and run it when ever you bike in Wiesbaden.
  2. Your data will be uploaded and drawn with a vertical plotter at the local art museum as a heat map.
  3. Based on this collected data the city planning council will plan new bike lanes.
  4. You can purchase the maps at the end as printed art works.

The project started at the 22MAY and continues until 2JULY. Until today, 6JUNE, already 6.656km have been biked on 1.412 routes.

My 50cents:

This is a great and inspiring project. Perhaps the art museum as a culmination point is slightly off site. Shouldn’t this rather happen where the majority of the inhabitants are meet, at the main railway station or in a pedestrian area?