The Association of Finnish eLearning Center organizes every year an eLearning competition called eEemeli. The goal of the competition is to support and promote Finnish eLearning ecosystem. The competition has every year own theme and this year the theme was gaming in learning. More information about the association and eEemeli competition here:http://www.eoppimiskeskus.fi/en/eeemeli

This year also our dear client Ponsse participated to the eEemeli competition, and therefore Linja was also present in the competition.

Ponsse is working heavily with different kind of learning systems. The nature of their industry requires continuous learning and improvement of driver competences. New forestry methods and new forest machine innovations provides possibilities to better results but this cannot be achieved without user trainings.

Therefore Ponsse provides for example training simulators used in schools. Forest machine driver students will go through intense training for forest machine handling. Simulator provides great possibility to test skills in virtual environment, with low costs.

Efficient work requires also good work planning, beside of machine handling skills. It is not possible to repeat the same training many times in real forest conditions, so there need to be another ways to get education in work planning. Therefore Ponsse decided to use a game as a learning tool. Result of the project was Ponsse Forwarder Game.


Ponsse Forwarder Game is a PC game where users can build different kind of playing fields. The target of the game is to collect logs from forest areas as efficient as possible. Short driving distances, correct loading order of logs and many other aspects are crucial for efficient working. Therefore players actions are measured against authentic statistics collected from real machines. With the detailed report student and teacher can analyses the performance and try again if necessary.

Linja’s role in the project was to provide the user experience design expertise for whole project group, consisting from Ponsse project management and software engineers of company called Creanex. Great technological solution provided by Creanex was covered with the top layer designed by Linja. This team provided an solution which ended up to last round of eEemeli competition. Ponsse Forwarder Game was one of the six games selected to the final round.  All the finalists can be viewed at eEemeli 2013 Finnish web page.