Linja Joins #Hackthemaintenance At Konecranes

The practice of design involves shaping products and directing their behaviors to be more supportive to specific purposes. Since matter is neither created nor destroyed, but just transformed, designing is to any degree an attempt to coerce existing objects into serving a new intention. The more radical the design, the farther out the material is taken from its pre-determined path, yet the more seamless the result is to human contact.

Designing is the elegant hacking.

We are excited to have been selected to join the #HackTheMaintenance with Konecranes hackathon, organized by IndustryHack in Hyvinkää September 4-6, 2015. Our team will be composed of Shengjun Shi, Juha Johansson, and myself.

As we strive to make a difference by enhancing the ways technology interacts with people, the hackathon is another natural opportunity for us to challenge our abilities, engaging with Konecranes in an innovative endeavor. We aim to do so by bringing in skills in UX design, IoT, industrial internet, industrial design, 3D printing, and video.

We’ll be keeping you up-to-date on our adventure!


… and hush hush, now don’t tell anyone!