Last week, as every week for the past 8 year, I met my group of table tennis enthusiasts at Töölön Kisahalli (a multi purpose sports hall in Helsinki). We can pay with a new NFC card system nowadays instead of the old fashion ticket. You know those 10 time cardboard stripes that you needed to push into the stamp & cut machines known from trams and buses of the last century.

This time I had forgotten my new plastic card. I told the person behind the counter that I’m ready to pay the entrance fee in cash. Instead of taking the money he asked for my name, checked on his PC, found out that I have 3 times left,  and handed out a temporary blank card so I could pass the gates. Great service, I thought, when I approached the dressing room and decided to give them feedback on my way out!

After 1,5 joyful hours of table tennis I went up to the same fellow and told him that their NFC ticket system offers a  great experience. It took him a moment to realize that I did the opposite of complaining.

It’s something we should get accustomed to: Letting people know when we appreciated the service they offered, the food they served, the music they played. Give feedback and don’t take a good experience for granted!


Should my next blog post perhaps explore the possibilities to improve the design and durability of all those cards in our wallets?