September 25, 2015 // Steffen Halme

Let me start with a video by our client ABB illustrating what IoT is and could be for the industry in the future.

At first glance extending IoT to IoTSP, Internet of Things, Services and People doesn’t look like an improvement. Giving it a second thought it makes a lot of sense. Most people still expect that the Internet of Things will happen in their kitchen first. Following a popular scenario we’ll find our self at the breakfast table being excluded from the chat that our toaster has with the refrigerator. Of course that’s childish and won’t happen. Or will it, if we don’t make use of the new sensory rich environment?

The data volume expectations for the next decades are mind-blowing. Gardner says that by 2020 the IoT will include 26 Billion units and all of them will collect, create and share data. I say we’d better be involved and create services that distill the meaningful information and put it into the expected context. And we need smartness that doesn’t try to out-smart us, the users.



Will we see a sticker “IoT ready” on all connected things soon? If so, I’d be warned. Let’s make sure that IoT is not happening in a parallel universe excluding us. Check Drivetune and Drivebase, two applications that Linja designed together with ABB and Symbio utilizing mobility and smart drives to take automation to the next level, to IoTSP.