When it comes to design, sometimes you have to look at things on a really abstract level and other times on a very concrete and detailed level.

For me, the key challenge is finding balance between the two.

For instance I’m allergic to empty rhetoric and trying to innovate for the sake of innovating. “Let’s start by building a solid foundation” is my first reaction whenever someone says they want to “innovate”. Quality is having all the details in order.

But even a detailed user interface is useless if it solves the wrong problem. You also won’t get a quality result unless you keep your focus firmly on what’s really important. You’ll run out of time if you don’t.

So really it’s all about finding the right problem to solve and knowing when the details are important and when they’re not.

It’s not always easy. Lots of times the most frustrating part of a project is realizing that there are tiny details missing that would be so easy to fix.

Luckily constantly developing and being systematic help. I truly believe that we can always do better.