helmikuu 13, 2013 // Ville Pohjola


As we know, world is changing rapidly. Everything is changing but one of most important changes world is going through currently is the economical change. Everything must run smoother, more efficiently and more rapidly. Everything must be cheaper and in each scale of business one must react faster and faster.

This trend is now leading to the extinction of traditional reporting. I mean that the follow-up of the enterprise business as an old fashioned and slow reporting process will disappear. It is too slow, and it is difficult to react fast enough to some performance failure. Collecting the data for report, analysing the data and making decisions based on it are already too slow. Monthly arranged management board starts to be a dinosaur which moves too slowly. So, streamlining the process must take place. Correct timing is everything.

Well…the most interesting part of this trend is now the tools which are used to streamline the process. No, the problem is not solved by hiring operational development consults. No, it is not solved by lay-offs. Then how…? Well, it is solved with software. And especially with mobile software. It is amazing how two trends, mobility and the awareness of business intelligence tools are tied to each other in this latest trend in professional software products. All scale of enterprises are currently seeking solutions for decreasing operational costs and it is natural that rapid data collection with intelligent business tools will help a lot in it.

Naturally there has been many kind of dashboard and business analysis solutions in the markets already some years. Typically they have been web based solutions for PC use. The follow up of economical trends in banking business has been using trend analysis tools for years. Different kind of aggregator software have been collecting data from many sources and building up information based on what has happened. This information has also been called statistics.Well, that has not been anything else but reports in electrical format. Might be that the time line has been more dynamic and the reaction time little bit shorter than with the paper reporting but anyway. It has been still reporting in old fashioned way.


The actual change going on is actually caused by other trend we love to speak about in Linja. Consumerization. I think you have heard the word already in my blog posting. Yes, consumerization has worked as the kickstart for business intelligence tools. If reading the daily paper with tablet (In the train) is so easy, why not I cannot follow how my business is doing? Right here, right now?

Almost all the people, machines and vehicles in the world start to be somehow connected to some database, some of them because of communication and data sharing, some of them because of navigation, some of them because of maintenance reasons. There is lot of communication going on between people, “clouds” and machines. Why not utilizing this data for rapid status reporting? Well, this is the topic now. The current hot potatoe in the area of enterprise solutions. And not only enterprise, also single entrepreneur with small scale business needs business intelligence now more than ever. For them it is even more crucial to be able to save costs, be more efficient, because profits are smaller. Every slice of the cheese they can slice for themselves from the cash flow matters.

So, viewing key performance indicators will be healthy for every business. Taking a look at certain KPI’s as a first task in the morning makes business people more aware how they are doing, hopefully also more confident. In the modern world it should be easy, it should be possible everywhere. So, the user experience must be high quality and it is beneficial to make it mobile. How on Earth this combination is possible with huge amount of data? Well, contact us. Our consults can help you make your business intelligence mobile.  Enterpreneurs must get the finger to the artery of their business, here and now.