UX design is my passion and HR management my role. I love to grow our design team, to find the talents that can surprise any client and care for a great working culture. Meet me at Linjacafe and share a cup of exquisite tea with me.

And now to some retrospective thoughts:
Where have all the flowers gone? Those flowers that flourished when I studied in Ludwigsburg at the Filmakademie? They are not gone, they have transformed.

What does it take to create a good animation film? You need to plan carefully, simplify your story, tell it to everyone around you, find strong metaphors – in other words, make it memorable.

That's also what it takes to create good applications and services!

Today, when I listen to a client describe an idea in a kick-off meeting, the movie director in me starts storyboarding on the fly. In the best case, we can at that initial moment find a common picture and theme that can drive the design.