kesäkuu 17, 2013 // Steffen Halme

The apple look lost one D and shows simplified icons in 2D for the application grid. Simplification is everything else than simple. It takes courage to cut the rope to the playful, colorful, out-of-my-world skeuomorphism. Did Jony Ive succeed?

I think he failed with the renewal of the main application icons. The step from the past illustrative photo realism and today’s monochrome glyphs seems too big (check the Newsstand icon).

Is it important to maintain the color palette to keep the icon memorable, like in Passbook?

Why do Photos and Game Center share the same colors?


Strong icon designs create a unique band that ties together the metaphors with the elements. By using the same weights, line strength, corner radius, negative spaces icons form a family. Show one and it tells where it belongs.

Compared to the shape language and the plain color logic of Windows 8, this is rather a weak design statement.

All my comments are based on screen shots that I found online and this collection of iOS6 vs. iOS7 icons. Let’s see if there will be further evolutionary steps towards the final release of iOS7.

ios 6 vs ios 7